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Reproduce the time precisely and make it count!
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16 November 2013

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If you have small kids in your home and often end up getting worked up with them in making them realize the value of time then you need to get hold of the Clock Hands 1.0.0 game. Apart from being an interesting little game for Kindergarten kids, it can help them realize the importance of time in an individual’s life and encourage them in appreciating the value of time. Further it will help them learn to read time and convert time between digital format and the traditional clock face, 12 hour analog display.

The Clock Hands 1.0.0 can be downloaded on to your system within a minute or if you want you can get your kids to play it online too. Once you start the game you will be asked to move the hands of the clock to the time mentioned in the question format. The given time would be presented in the digital format and you need to position clock hands, including hours, minutes and seconds to exactly match the time displayed. In case you are able to match the time you earn a positive score. Since the game is designed for young kids, there is no present time limit for answering a question and kids can take their own sweet time in figuring out their answers. The game allows you play it in full screen and gives you the option to turn off the sound. In total a set of five time questions are presented before you and the questions are medium difficulty and can prove challenging for little kids.

For its overall educational value and informative theme we rate the Clock Hands 1.0.0 game with a respectable score of three rating points on a scale of five. Moreover it also earns kudos of its sweet background score, apt sound effects and overall ease of play.

Publisher's description

Let\'s learn the importance of time by reproducing the digital time on an analog clock! Your goal in this game is to drag the clock hands according to the time shown. In each question, you will be given an analog clock on the right of the screen, and the time will be shown numerically. You need to click and drag the clock hands so that the correct time can be displayed on the clock. After the task is completed, click the Finish button at the bottom left of the clock, and your answer will be checked. If your answer is correct, points will be awarded. But if your answer is wrong, the correct time will be displayed and no points will be given. Then you can click the Continue button at the bottom left of the clock to start the next question. Your current score will be displayed on the left of the screen, while the current number of question will be displayed at the top left corner. Compete with family and friends to see who is the best time controller!
Clock Hands
Clock Hands
Version 1.0
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